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Seeking inspiration? | Derek Sivers

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Seeking inspiration? | Derek Sivers: “Because nothing is truly inspiring unless you apply it to your work.

In other words, your work, itself, is the inspiration.”

Stop thinking about it. Stop reading about it. Stop talking about it. Just start doing. You can go back to the thinking, reading, and talking after you’ve done something about what you’ve thought, read, and talked about. 


More on “Where next for Grails”? • GRAILS.IO

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More on “Where next for Grails”? • GRAILS.IO: “Grails 3.0 will be a reinvention of the framework that you love, and we will be making some hard decisions about what we support in terms of backwards compatibility. With Grails 3.0 we plan to allow the creation of applications in different architectural styles. Servlet API applications will always be supported, but we plan to make ‘create-app’ extensible, so that Grails can be used to create a range of types of applications (Batch, NIO, Netty, ‘static void main’ etc.).”

I saw this link in a tweet from @jeffscottbrown, and it points to the impact JavaScript is making on web development, whether with rich client apps or node.js on the server. Better to see them acknowledge and embrace the shift.

I did some Grails work a few years ago, and really liked it. Reading this post made me realize I miss doing Grails and Groovy–I’ll have to find an excuse to get back to them!

BTW, however much this domain’s name seems to derive from Grails, I’d never heard of Grails when I registered in August of 2006. Some web poking reveals that work on Grails got underway in 2005, but I didn’t hear about it until much later. My vision for grailbox focused on office productivity tools: (holy) grail + mailbox. I guess I haven’t done much on that front, though!


LessConf is Dead, Long Live LessConf!

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Today begins the last day of the last LessConf. Ever. And we mourn her passing.

Although Steve and Allan, Lords of LessConf, have stated clearly that 2013 marks the last LessConf, they haven’t explained why the run ends today. Is it too much work? Are they just tired of it and ready to move on? Does it drain them emotionally, physically, financially, or otherwise? Too burdensome on their families? Too much distraction to their core business? Have they tired of trying to top themselves, year after year, and fear the pity given to aging athletes who hang on too long? They may explain someday — perhaps even today — but they may not even know themselves.

So, we celebrate LessConf, which has paraded a diversity of speakers that have inspired, instructed, explained, confessed, pleaded, and slammed us out of our comfort zones. It has brought together creative, bright, friendly, successful, and passionate minds. It’s afforded experiences pleasant, jarring, and decidedly memorable. Thank you, Steve. Thank you Allan. Thank you, Anna. Thank you speakers and sponsors and organizers and entertainers and all who gave of themselves to scream to us that ordinary sucks. Boring ain’t acceptable. Be great. Do something that matters. Change the world.

And, um, thank you, Hampton, for taking us to the moon.

May the spirit of LessConf live on!


iPhone 6 –

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iPhone 6 – “They could release a revolutionary 60-inch 4K TV for $99 with built-in nanobots to assemble and dispense free smartwatches, and people would complain that it should cost $49 and the nanobots aren’t open enough.”

Well-crafted line.


A $5 app isn’t expensive: Customers need to help fix the App Store economy | Macworld

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A $5 app isn’t expensive: Customers need to help fix the App Store economy | Macworld: “You don’t buy a Kindle just to enjoy the dictionary and manual that come pre-installed on the device. You shouldn’t buy an iPhone to enjoy only free apps, either. You’re cheating yourself, all because we’ve become conditioned to feeling that $5 is a lot to spend on an app. It’s okay to pay for good products.”

That’s the best line in a great article.

I’m astonished at how little people value software these days. “Didn’t have feature X! Complete waste of a dollar!” Yet they waste dollars willy-nilly by leaving lights on when they walk out of rooms. Great software can only be produced by great skill and great effort. Use great software, pay for it, and you’ll be happier.


Introducing Wry: A Command-line Client

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I’ve released a command-line client for Mac OS X: Wry. Its home page is It’s released under the MIT License, and is hosted on github at Check it out, and let me know what you think!


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