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The Rules of Storytelling According to Pixar

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The Rules of Storytelling According to Pixar:

#19: Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating.

(Via Hacker News)

I’ve read too many books that cheat.


Mac Bundle Season

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I know of four Mac OS X software bundles on sale right now:

  • MacUpdate ($49.99)
    • Parallels Desktop 7
    • BusyCal
    • ScreenFlow 3
    • Civilization V
    • Jaksta
    • Espionage 3
    • Speed Download 5
    • Attachment Tamer 3
    • KeyCue 6
    • A Better
    • Finder Rename
    • My Living Desktop 5
  • TheMacBundles ($39.95)
    • Bevy
    • Calibrate
    • CallItADay
    • CuteClips
    • Clean Text
    • DiskTracker
    • FolderGlance
    • FX Photo Studio Pro
    • SMART Utility
    • TopXNotes
  • ProductiveMacs ($39.99)
    • RapidWeaver
    • DEVONthink
    • Printopia
    • MailTags
    • HoudahSpot
    • Trickster
    • MacJournal
    • Voila
  • Bundle Hunt ($49.99)
    • iStopMotion 2
    • LittleSnapper
    • TotalFinder
    • Default Folder X
    • Typinator
    • Smashing E-Book Bundle
    • Keyboard Maestro
    • GlyphOcean
    • ThemeFuse
    • PhoneView
    • Picons 1, 2, 3

I’ve linked to the sites, which link to the apps. None of them are affiliate links–I have no financial interest in any of this. With this many software deals afloat simultaneously, though, I wanted one place where I could see all the software!


iPhoto iPad tooltips PSD

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iPhoto iPad tooltips PSD:

Since Appleā€™s designs tend to heavily influence third-party apps (just as their hardware tends to be copied wholesale by Samsung and HP)

(Via Matt Legend Gemmell)

Gemmell offers a free PSD download that mimics the tooltips in iPhoto for iOS . . . as well as a bit of well-placed snark.


XVim — Vim in Xcode

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I work as a freelance Objective-C developer (amongst other things), so I find myself butting heads with Xcode on a regular basis. Recent releases have integrated several separate applications that betrayed Mac OS’s NeXT legacy, which means Xcode now feels almost the exact opposite of Vim.

(Via usevim)

Oooh . . . this is intriguing. I try to set everything in my world to vim keybindings, but that hasn’t been an option in Xcode. I’ll have to give this one a whirl.


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