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Kindle Fire Does Not Fire the Imagination

By Rob Warner  //  Development  //  2 Comments

Kindle Fire Does Not Fire the Imagination:

The Kindle software itself is a lousy reading experience; the justified, un-hyphenated typography is an eyesore, the font selection is depressingly homely, and the line-spacing is visually erratic. The net effect is that it feels like I’m consuming a pirated version of whatever book I’m reading, a sensation which might have been fine on earlier versions of Kindle hardware, but seems lazy on a device capable of producing beautiful results.


Harsh assessment, but vividly written.

A lot of hype for this device, and it’s generally fallen flat. The price point required some compromises, obviously. I’m sticking with my original NOOK and NOOK Color, though I do most of my reading with the NOOK app on my iPhone.


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