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Beginning OS X Lion Apps Development

By Rob Warner  //  Mac  //  No Comments

The writing, editing, and reviewing are done, and Beginning OS X Lion Apps Development is set to go to press. The publication date is listed as November 9 on both the Apress site and Amazon. The premise of the book is to build a single app throughout the book, illustrating OS X development through the features we add. We think it worked out pretty well. You can read about the app (Graphique, a graphing calculator) on its website at, and it’s available on the Mac App Store.

Here’s the Table of Contents for the book:

Chapter 1: Starting to Build a Graphing Calculator
Chapter 2: Laying Out the User Interface
Chapter 3: Handling User Input
Chapter 4: Pimp My UI
Chapter 5: User Preferences and the File System
Chapter 6: Using Core Data
Chapter 7: Integrating Graphique into the Mac OS X Desktop
Chapter 8: Creating Help
Chapter 9: Printing
Chapter 10: Submitting to the Mac App Store


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