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Peach or Pumpkin?

By Rob Warner  //  Development, Mac  //  2 Comments

Rather than catching up on sleep after we finished writing the first edition of Pro Core Data for iOS, Michael Privat and I have been working both on the second edition of that book and on another book: Beginning Mac OS X Lion Apps Development
. It’s been a much different kind of project: we build a single application throughout the book, adding functionality to illustrate different aspects of OS X application development as we go. Sometimes it’s a challenge to stay at beginner level while still building a useful application that will eventually end up in the App Store, so we’ll be interested to watch reader feedback.

I decided to check Amazon today to see if the book was there yet, and indeed it was. This is actually our first opportunity to see the cover art, and I was interested to see what fruit Apress had selected. They’ve already used all the obvious fruits, so I expected something exotic. When we first saw the cover of our Core Data book, we had to ask Apress what it fruit it was (it’s a dragonfruit). Now, I’m similarly befuddled: the fruit on the Lion book is colored like a peach but shaped like a pumpkin. Anyone know what that is?


My Review of Optimizing Tables in iPhone Apps

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Originally submitted at O’Reilly

Any experienced iPhone programmer understands that you can't build much in the way of complex user interfaces without tables. Every time you throw together a lengthy list view, tables are a concern. More than that, the stock manner of rendering tables is performance-intensive and results in …

Well-done and Informative

By iOS Developer from Jacksonville, FL on 7/6/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Easy to understand, Concise, Helpful examples, Well-written, Accurate

Best Uses: Novice, Intermediate

Describe Yourself: Developer

I’ve been using tables for awhile with iOS development, so I wasn’t sure if I’d learn anything. I learned a few things, and am eager to go back to some existing apps and optimize the tables. The videos are well done and show a nice mix of source code, talking heads, explanations, running code (both simulator and device). I’m glad I watched these. BTW, the source code issue must have been rectified after the other reviews were written, because I got source code.

Note that these were done on Xcode 3, so novices on Xcode 4 might get tripped up in spots.



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